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Deleting Contacts

It is important to note that if you delete any contacts, they _cannot be recovered_.  To delete a contact, they... Read More

Adding Contact Fields

Each contact can be assigned attributes, called contact fields, that hold values such as their names, phone numbers, and any... Read More

Blocking Contacts

In rare instances, contacts may abuse your service or send offensive messages. You can manually block individual contacts or update... Read More

Contact Message History

In addition to seeing when a contact has started and completed a flow and campaign events, when a contact is... Read More

What is a “Featured” Contact Field?

Notice that on a contact’s page, there are 4 different fields shown. In this example, we see “Age”, “Join Date”,... Read More

Archiving Contacts in a Flow for Easy Deletion

In order to delete contacts, they must first be placed in the ‘Archived’ folder in the ‘Contacts’ tab. You could... Read More

Deleting Contact Fields

If you no longer need a contact field, you can remove it by simply clearing its name in the Manage... Read More

How do I Manage Contact Fields?

To reach this page, first click on the “**Contacts”** tab at the top of your account:  Next, click the “**Manage... Read More

Updating a Custom Contact Field Type

New custom contact fields created in a flow are automatically set to the default text field type. You can update... Read More

Contact Information Anonymization

We understand that some use cases require contact information to be handled sensitively. This in mind, we added an anonymization... Read More