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Message Content Best Practices

The following guide draws from the experiences of the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Kaiser Permanente, and Code... Read More

Message Content Basics

Learn the basics to ensure a high completion rate: Message Length When entering your content into a Send Message action,... Read More

Where to Begin

Add your first channel A channel is a phone number or social network account which we can use to send... Read More

Workspace Settings Guide

Your workspace settings page is the heart of your workspace. From here, you can: View, add or remove channels Add... Read More

Sending a Message to a Group

Sending a message to a group of contacts is as easy as creating a flow. Once you’ve created your flow,... Read More

Introduction to Flows

A flow is a visual representation of conditional branch logic that’s applied to your contacts once they enter it. Once... Read More

Attaching a PDF URL to a Message

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to attach a PDF URL in addition to Image, Audio, and Video... Read More

Sending an Email

Use the Send an Email action to send an email from within a flow. The resulting email may contain values... Read More

Schedule a Message to be Sent Later

We allow you to schedule messages to be sent at a later date and time, and repeat them daily, weekly... Read More

Creating a Contact

To create a contact: Navigate to the “Contacts” tab. Click the “Create a Contact” box in the bottom left corner... Read More

Introduction to Contacts

A contact is an end-user that has interacted or will interact with your account. Communication with contacts occurs via a... Read More

Importing Contacts

Importing contacts allows you to add entire groups of contacts to our platform using a simple XLS (MS Excel) spreadsheet.... Read More

Sending Manual Messages to Contacts or Groups

There are two options for sending manual messages, which are outside of flows, to your contacts.  To send a message... Read More