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How Can I View Where Contact Fields are Used?

First, navigate to the “Manage Contact Fields” page. Do this by clicking the “Contacts” tab at the top of your... Read More

Changing the Order of Featured Fields on the Contacts Page

When viewing your featured fields on the Contacts page, you will see that they are organized left to right starting... Read More

Placing Contacts in the ‘Stopped’ Folder

Depending on the channel type, such as Twilio, a contact will automatically be placed in the ‘Stopped’ folder in the... Read More

Creating a Contact

To create a contact: Navigate to the “Contacts” tab. Click the “Create a Contact” box in the bottom left corner... Read More

Introduction to Contacts

A contact is an end-user that has interacted or will interact with your account. Communication with contacts occurs via a... Read More

Using the ‘Last Seen On’ Contact Field

Using the ‘Last Seen On’ field in a campaign or a contact search is helpful in identifying contacts who’ve last... Read More

Creating Custom Contact Fields

Recall that each contact is assigned attributes, called contact fields, that hold values such as their names, phone numbers, and... Read More

Adding, Editing & Prioritizing Contact Addresses

Contact addresses are a type of default contact field, just like Name and Groups. Contact addresses can be added, edited... Read More

Updating a Contact’s Status in a Flow

A contact can have 3 possible statuses: Active – The contact will receive your outbound messages and can send incoming... Read More

Exporting Contact Groups

To export a contact group, first navigate to the “Contacts” tab in your account: Next, click the ☰ menu icon... Read More